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Delivery Information

1. For Bulgaria:

    Shipping is free for orders above 500lv.

2. For EU:

    Shipping is free for orders above €500.

3. For the rest of the world:

    Shipping is free for orders above 1000.

The shipping options may vary depending on the delivery address, what time you make your purchase and item availability.

Delivery options:

Collection at Bapa Kids Store- free

For Bulgaria, Romania and Greece we work with Ekont.

For others countries we work with Aramex.

Delivery time:

1. For countries in Europe from: 2- 8 working days

2. For USA and Canada from: 5- 10 working days

3. For countries from South America from: 5- 10 working days

4. For countries from Africa from: 3- 10 working days

5. For countries from Australia and Oceania from: 3- 10 working days

6. For Islands and island countries from 3- 10 working days

For returns, the items must be in their original state (the tag must not be removed). Any damage done on the item must be payed for in full price.

You can exchange or return an item no later than 30 days after receiving it.

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