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Brand: HAPE
The two play modes encourage the development of fine motor skills as your little one trains their hearing and listens to new tunes. They will discover and learn to play new songs while following colored lights that indicate the next note in the song they need to touch. Or they can focus on creating ..
This is the coolest Drum Set ever with a Spectrum of color! This Rock N' Roll It! Specdrum comes with everything you need to begin learning how to play the drums.   Kids will learn coordination and concentration, and develop a love of music without skipping a beat. ..
Electronic bongos from MukikiM Rock and Roll It series. Rock and Roll It - Bongos is an electronic hand drum pad that is flexible, portable, and easily to travel with. Take it with you to play anywhere! Powered by USB (cord included) or Battery (AAA batteries X2).Easily to rock out and roll it back ..
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