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BURBERRY Monogram blanket BURBERRY Monogram blanket
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Suitable for boys and girls this beautifully soft blanket is crafted by luxury British brand Burberry. In red beige with an ivory 'B' logo pattern, it is knitted in soft Merino wool. 100x100 Made from: 98% Merino wool, 1% nylon 1% Elastane..
461.00лв. 922.00лв.
Light blue blanket by luxury brand Givenchy. The blanket is light-weight and has the brands’ logo all over as well as Givenchy embroidery in the middle.82 x 81 cm Made from: 100% Cotton..
Soft and cozy, this amazing blanket from French luxury brand Lanvin is knitted from cashmere and wool blend. The blanket has finished edges and the Lanvin logo to the center.Made from: 70% Wool, 30% Cashmere L:75cm, W:75cm..
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