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Brand: HAPE
They will spend the day having fun with this wooden bunny toy with colorful rings, which is specially designed for easy handling by small hands. The toy helps to develop logical thinking, recognizing colors and shapes and understanding structures.Age: 0m+..
Brand: HAPE
Let your little one discover the magic of music with the Magic Touch Mini Piano. Just a simple tap from them will surprise with a sound! With two play modes, it allows to create their own songs or start a series of classic tunes. One touch will start a symphony that helps stimulate the child's audit..
Brand: HAPE
This wooden piano will allow your child to explore the wonder of music and create their own mini-symphonies. It produces a spectacular sound while being accompanied by a stunning appearance.It has an excellent resonant sound and a lid that can be opened for an authentic look. Encourages dexterity, h..
Brand: HAPE
The two play modes encourage the development of fine motor skills as your little one trains their hearing and listens to new tunes. They will discover and learn to play new songs while following colored lights that indicate the next note in the song they need to touch. Or they can focus on creating ..
Brand: HAPE
Encourage your little one's musical ear and talent with the Wooden Touch Piano from Hape. The piano has no real keys or buttons - it uses magic touch technology, just place your finger on a colored key and it will play. The design improves auditory and fine motor skills. Made from durable materials ..
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